Using AnyDesk on a Raspberry Pi

By Justin Peterson 0 comments

At Nanosystems, we are interested in developing home setups that are as convenient as possible. One thing I've been meaning to setup is a Pihole, a Raspberry Pi configured to be a DNS server that automatically blocks all requests from advertisers and trackers on a home router. Check it out here.

In setting up a pihole, one major hassle that I run into is the need to connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse every time I need to configure anything on the Raspberry Pi.

Recently, I came across a wonderful remote desktop program called AnyDesk that allows you to setup credentials for remote access. So now, instead of hooking up a bunch of hardware every time I want to make a change on my Raspberry Pi, I just connect to it with my AnyDesk instance and configure things as needed.

The best part: AnyDesk is free.